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The Importance of Iron

Iron is an essential trace mineral with many important uses and functions within the body. 

It is needed for oxygen transportation and storage, healthy red blood creation and function, strong immunity, growth and development, drug metabolism and proper mental function. Like all minerals, Iron is not manufactured in the body making the risk of deficiency high. Iron deficiency is especially common in woman of childbearing age who lose iron each month during menstruation and those on calorie restrictive, vegan or vegetarian diets where iron intake needs may not be met. Excessive alcohol use, oral contraceptives, poor diet and certain pharmaceuticals can all contribute to Iron deficiency.

Iron Deficiency Anemia is a condition where the blood lacks adequate healthy red blood cells. Iron is so important for red blood cell function and production, when we are deficient in iron we can feel very weak as the red blood cells needed to carry oxygen to the tissues in the body are lacking. This causes weakness, fatigue, irritation and can even effect cognition. If you suspect an Iron deficiency or Anemia, please see your doctor for blood work to confirm this.

Benefits of taking an Iron supplement:

  • Prevents and improves iron deficiency anemia.
  • Promotes the formation and proper function of red blood cells.
  • Provides energy and prevents weakness due to deficiency.

Here are some tips for increasing your Iron naturally.

  • Eat Iron rich foods with vitamin C rich foods. Vitamin C helps the body absorb and utilize iron, try having a salad including strawberries and spinach with a dressing containing fresh lemon juice.
  • Include lots of high iron rich foods in your daily diet. Strawberries, spinach, grass-fed beef, liver, tomato, edamame, oats, grains, kidney, oysters, sardines and other fish are all great sources of Iron.
  • Limit alcohol consumption as it depletes iron and effects absorption.
  • Cooking iron rich foods will crack the cell wall, helping make it easier for the body to absorb and utilize.
  • Take your iron supplement away from your morning coffee or tea, as caffeine will interrupt the absorption of Iron.

Land Art carries two different liquid iron supplements, one is in a super fruit concentrate and one is with a 7-vegetable concentrate. Both are non-heme iron supplements, making them a great choice for vegetarians. The Iron in a 7-vegetable concentrate does contain honey so it is not suitable for vegans. They have been formulated with a balanced liquid solution of elementary iron (gluconate and fumarate) from fruit sources, can help to control and prevent Iron deficiency. They do not cause constipation, which is a problem with most Iron supplements on the market today.

Iron Rich Fruit Popsicle Recipe:


  • Land Art Liquid Ionic Iron (5 ml for children or 10 ml for adults per popsicle)
  • 1 ½ cups Coconut water
  • 1 cup chopped or pureed Strawberries
  • ½ cup unsweetened fruit juice *Optional


  • 1.Fill popsicle mould half way with coconut water.
  • 2.Add in your liquid iron (5 ml per pop for children and 10 ml for adults).
  • 3.Scoop in a spoon full of your chopped or pureed (pulse in blender with a little coconut water until smooth) strawberries.
  • 4.Top up with unsweetened fruit juice or more coconut water.
  • 5.Let set in the freezer for 6 hours.
  • 6.Enjoy!


  • 1.“Food sources of Iron” Dietitians of Canada; updated 2016 [DoC]

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