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Chlorophyll, What is that?

Chlorophyll is the substance that gives plants their green color. It plays a crucial role in photosynthesis and the conversion of light energy into chemical energy.

Chlorophyll has a chemical structure nearly identical to that of red blood cells. The main difference consisting of the center: instead of an atom of iron, it has an atom of magnesium.  

How is chlorophyll extracted?

High concentrations of chlorophyll are present in the chloroplasts of live plant cells. The envelopes of the chloroplasts protect the chlorophyll so simply pressing the leaves is not enough to extract it and make it assimilable.

There are 2 methods of extraction available to obtain pure chlorophyll:

Extraction with a chemical solvent We saponify it with caustic soda or potash which gives us either sodium chlorophylin or potassium chlorophyllin.

Extraction with supercritical CO2 This method allows us to select specific molecules depending on the density of the CO2 by changing the pressure and temperature parameters. With this method we obtain chlorophylline cuivrique. It is this form which is used by Land Art in the composition of its formulas.

The steps of the supercritical extraction process are as follows:

  • The raw matter is introduced into the extractor.
  • The CO2 is pumped and brought up to the desired pressure and temperature.
  • The supercritical CO2 circulates through the raw matter and solubilises the desired molecules.
  • The pressure is then decreased in stages, in the separators. The solvent ability decreases and the molecules are dissolved.
The advantages of supercritical CO 2 extraction are numerous:
  1. It is a natural gas, non toxic and odourless.
  2. Its low critical temperature rate allows for low temperature extraction, minimizing the risks of thermal degradation.
  3. The extraction is performed without oxygen which prevents oxidation.
  4. Contrary to other solvents, it leaves no residue in the extract or in the leftover raw material.
  5. Recycled into a gaseous state at the end of the process, it is possible to build factories that are clean and which respect the environment.
  6. Supercritical CO2 extraction is one of the rare extraction technologies that are compatible with the standards of organic agricultural methods.


We know of many traditional reasons for taking a liquid supplement chlorophyll, from detoxing the blood to the reduction of inflammation and infections. What does science have to say about it?

Chlorophyll has purifying benefits

  • Absorbs toxins in the intestines and the body.
    • Toxins which are precursors to illness
    • An ally to the Detox and Total Detox cures
  • Regulates the intestinal tract (is not a laxative).
  • The heme is a chelator. It travels through the blood and binds itself to toxins.
    • Helps the body to eliminate certain dangerous toxins (triethylamines) which are components of polyurethane foams and epoxy resins.
  • Chlorophyll reduces the production of gas and toxins OF digestive origins and therefore helps to protect the liver, a veritable second line of defence after the intestinal barrier. It is one of the best ways to continually detoxify the body.

Chlorophyll has deodorant benefits

  • It is an internal deodorant.
    • Deodorant effect noted with people that have a colostomy.
    • Bad breath, sweat, stools, urine, odours from food (garlic for example) and menstrual odours.
  • It binds itself to aminos in the intestines..
    • Cadaverine and putrescine for example, are present in bad breath, in urine, in sperm and during bacterial vaginosis.
  • It is a regulator of intestinal fermentation.
    • Fungal infections [Candida Albicans] are rather frequent. They are caused by: antibiotics, hormones, corticosteroids, immunosuppressants and a diet high in sugar.
    • These infections are very resistant and difficult to treat. In nature, chlorophyll is the principal weapon used by plants to defend themselves against mold. This property is used to bring the intestinal flora back to normal in cases of mycosis.

Chlorophyll has antioxidant benefits

  • It is, to this day, the strongest known antioxidant.
    • 1000 times superior to xanthine (contained in tea, coffee, maté and chocolate).
    • 20 times superior to resveratrol (blackberries, raisins, wine).
  • It protects from aflatoxins.
    • Toxins produced by a mushroom that develops on seeds that are kept in a hot and humid environment: peanut seeds, corn [grains, silage…], wheat, different cereals, almonds, hazelnuts, nuts, pistachios, figs, dates, cocoa, coffee, manioc, soya…
    • Toxic for the liver (may cause liver cancer).
  • It binds itself to cancerous chemical compounds to eliminate them.
  • It protects the body, particularly the skin, from ionizing radiation like gamma rays.

Chlorophyll has invigorating benefits

  • It is an excellent acid tampon:
    • Increasing resistance to infections,
    • Improving digestion and the assimilation of nutrients,
    • Reducing the multiple negative impacts of the inflammatory effect.
  • It increases vitality and re-establishes the optimal operation of all vital functions.
  • It contributes to the establishment of a healthy lifestyle and good habits.

LAND ART offers different formulas of chlorophyll

A Canadian pioneer in the fabrication of liquid chlorophyll, Land Art offers different formulas to suit your needs. All of the Land Art brand of chlorophylls are made with the highest quality standards and extracted with the supercritical procedure from alfalfa which is certified GMO free. They do not contain any preservatives and are gluten free. [caption id="attachment_1319" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Chlorophylles Land Art"] Flavoured chlorophyll Lightly concentrated, they are the ideal way to start taking chlorophyll. Offered in three delicate and natural flavours (mint, apple, eucalyptus), they are also preferred by children.
Natural chlorophyll Five times more concentrated, natural chlorophyll does not contain any flavouring. A high quality product perfect for those who appreciate greenery!
Pure Chloro A therapeutic concentration of 150 mg per 2.5 ml of chlorophyll, this formula is the highest concentration available.
ChlOralfa Oral Hygiene Products The powerful deodorizing properties of chlorophyll are combined with the powers of essential oils in our new line of ChlOralfa oral hygiene products. Completely natural, the line includes a mouth wash for gargling and a spray.

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