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Staying Healthy over the Holidays

Wrote by Stephanie Oswald Certified Health Coach (IIN, graduated 2014) and an Registered Holistic Nutritionist. 

It’s that time of year again; gifts, family time, more dinners then we can count, all the eggnog and wine. There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence, especially during the festive season, but we should try to be mindful not to get too carried away. The Holidays aren’t an excuse to throw all your healthy habits out the window, although that can be an easy thing to do. Here are some of my top tips for finding balance over the holidays, enjoying yourself without getting too carried away.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I’m sure I can sound like a broken record when it comes to this topic, but adequate hydration is such an important factor in good health. If you continue to get your daily water quota, remaining quenched, and carry a nice water bottle around with you, you will be less tempted to overdo it with the sugary pops, eggnog, hot chocolate and booze. We want to keep our immune systems in top shape during flu season. Staying hydrated can help keep the lymphatic system healthy and flowing with ease and can crowd out those not so healthy choices packed with immune suppressant sugar and alcohol. I like to add Land Art mint Chlorophyll, Cranberry extract or pomegranate flavored Aloe juice to my water for some added flavor.


Move your body! When it’s cold out and we’re in food comas from all the get-togethers, it’s easy to lose sight of how important daily movement is. Schedule in workouts, go for walks, go to yoga with a friend, run around the mall looking for that perfect gift, anything you can do to keep your body moving. Get outside, especially early in the day to catch some sunshine. This will help improve mood and prevent SAD (seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal depression). It goes hand in hand with exercise, get outside for a walk and make sure you’ve had some movement for the day. It’s too easy to stay cooped up watching Netflix or going from work to your car because it gets dark so early. Plan some outdoor activities like skiing or snowshoeing and find ways to enjoy the cold snowy season.


Avoid overeating. It is tempting to force down several plates of home-cooked goodness at holiday dinners, but this can put a burden on your gut, cause unwanted weight gain and make you feel groggy and tired for those after dinner board games. Eat slower, chew your food really well (at least 30 times per bite), and be mindful of how you feel as you eat. Before grabbing a second plate, let your body process what you have just had for 20 minutes to see if you re genuinely still hungry. It can take that long for the stomach to signal to the brain that we have consumed enough. If you do happen to eat way too much, try taking some Land Art Aloe Vera gel to help provide relief of indigestion.


Eat healthy in between the time spent enjoying the indulgences. Making better choices during dinners out is great, but sometimes we just want to enjoy the delicious food available to us and there is no shame in that! Not throwing away our whole healthy eating plan over the holidays can help keep our healthy habits and routines strong. If we indulge at the special dinners and maintain our healthy diet in between, it will be a lot easier to stay on track with our health goals. This way, we can avoid that holiday hangover once January hits, where we all scramble to try to get ourselves back into a healthy routine.

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