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Travelling down south: 3 musts to slip into your suitcases

Note: the products mentioned in this article may cause interactions with medications. Consult your Naturopathic doctor (ND.A) or your therapeutic herbalist before consuming.

Everything is ready: bathing suit, towel, sunglasses and sunscreen (natural!) are all packed. You’ve chosen a book to read during the week and can already imagine the warm sand under your feet.

Whether you’re going away for a health retreat, a week of adventure or a bit of relaxation on the beach, one thing worries you about this vacation in the sun: are your digestive and immune systems able handle it?

Although the main goal of this short trip is to recharge your energy reserves and fill up on vitamin D, the sudden change in the quality of water, hygiene and dietary habits, the alcohol, short nights and excess exposure to the sun will put your body to the test and increase your vulnerability to infections and food poisoning.

This year, considering that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, slip the three following products into your suitcases. They will help with digestion – and your energy levels!

Aloe inside and out!

Apply Aloe gel on the skin every day before and after exposure to the sun. Whether you have a sunburn or not, the mucilage, anti-inflammatory components and antioxidants contain in the Aloe will soothe the harmful effects UV rays (1), protect against the risks associated with exposure to the sun (2) and help to preserve moisture in the skin (3), reducing dryness and preventing shedding. For sunburns, Aloe is known to soothe pain and accelerate healing to prevent scarring of second and third degree burns (4, 5).

Added to a glass of water or into some fresh pineapple or papaya juice, drinking Aloe gel on a daily basis is known to be effective in the prevention of toxic infections and problems with the digestive system, issues which are commonly associated with travelling down south. Furthermore, the active principles effectively relieve constipation (6, 7), have known antibacterial properties (8), are anti-fungal (9) and reduce the risks of getting travellers diarrhea.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle supports the liver, regenerates liver cells and is an antioxidant that reduces the risks associated with the excessive consumption of food and alcohol (10, 11) and reduces oxidative stress (12) which generally increases after prolonged exposure to the sun (13, 14).

If you are leaving on a health retreat or for a week of fiesta, it would be the appropriate time to add milk thistle to your routine and improve your liver health. Especially for several weeks after you get back home. You will benefit from the maximum benefits and limit the damages due to certain excesses.


The best way to stay hydrated during your vacation? Add a few drops of chlorophyll to your water! It’s an effective way to maintain balance in the intestinal flora and stop certain pathogens from multiplying (15), to prevent bad breath and body odours (16) and to relieve gas and bloating.

I’m even willing to bet that it might eventually be found in a non-alcoholic drink under the sun!

You are now ready for your adventure in the sun! Remember that rest, limited exposure to the sun, adequate hydration and moderation are always the way to go for a healthy vacation.

Bon voyage! Marigil Pelletier Marigil Pelletier ND. A. Chantezlapomme.com

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